RECISION MACHINING Industrie automobile

Customers at heart of the system

Total customer satisfaction is at the heart of our ambitions.


We want to continuously offer products, systems, solutions, robust and innovative, in providing real value to our customers. 


We are committed to meeting our commitments every day in terms of quality, costs, and service.


The continuous improvement of our performance is the key to building a lasting relationship of trust with our customers.


People involvement

He founding values of VT2i are:

  • Team spirit and mutual respect
  • Commitment and motivation
  • Honesty
  • Openness to change and adaptability
  • Flexibility and agility
  • Self-discipline

VT2i is our company. We are all dedicated to its success with great motivation, team spirit and mutual respect. These values are fundamental elements of our business and its success.



VT2i, located in a green area and surrounded by a beautiful mountain landscape, is a company that respects its environment.


The company is engaged in this process through an environmental management system ISO 14001 certified. 


The entire staff is active on the subject and working in a continuous improvement way on:

Integration of environmental constraints in product design
Reducing significant environmental impacts


Corporate social responsability

VT2i wishes through its activity, different approaches, environmental, social through employment and training ..., institutional, actively contribute to the economic development of its territory.

Welcoming students and trainees contributes to the training of young people and the development of partnerships with schools, universities and training centers.

Participation in discussion groups and relationships of quality with the various institutions allow the establishment of partnerships and networking with the economic sector contributing to the development of the company as to the territory.